“Portfolio home page”

  • Karina Nyss
    Hi there, Thanks for the lovely theme. First of all. I did try consulting the documentation, but it just takes me the the theme forest homepage? Am I looking in the wrong place? My problem at the moment is i'm moving my site over from an old theme I was using. I have replaced the theme with this one. My blog I used to keep ends up on the home page. I'd like to have that in a different place and my portfolio on the homepage, like in your Ying Yang theme example. How do I get the portfolio on the homepage? Thanks in advance. Karina

    11:18 on March 25, 2013

  • Zlatan Halilovic

    Hi Karina,

    you have this explained in the documentation, which you can find in the main folder, that you downloaded when you bought the theme. The folder is labeled as "documentation". 

    By the way, thank you for your purchase! Appreciate it. :) 



    11:18 on March 25, 2013